Makla Ifrikia englisch
Look in your Spam folder, maybe the order confirmation was identified mistakenly as a Spam.

Make sure that they do not make a typing error with specification of her e-mail address, because they cannot receive in this case the order confirmation. If you should have made a typing error, nevertheless, give up your order simply once again.

How long does it last, until my order arrives with me?

This is depending on the elective method of payment and/or the country in which the delivery follows.

– Germany: on payment by prepayment approx. 3 working days after your referral.

on payment cash on delivery 1-2 working days after order.

European ones. Ausland: approx. ones. 5 working days after your referral.

I can select Slovenia not as a supplier country!

This is an irritating mistake in the software, simply choose Austria as a supplier country and note Slovenia in the field „Communications“ after you your dates have given administer.

Why does the dispatch kind Cash on delivery cost 5.90 EUR more than the prepayment?

The additional costs originate from raised postage expenses and a repeated fee which are raised by the post for this service.